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Information about Finance

Zenith Integrative Medical Centre offers Integrative/Precision Medicine and Antiaging treatments to stop the progression and in some cases reverse chronic illnesses. In our effort to redefine medicine of the 21st Century, we discovered access has been limited due to finance. The cost of regaining your health from chronic illnesses could be prevented from hitting your bank balance immediately.

It is a common knowledge that Chronic Medical illnesses can have a significant impact on people’s lives and finances. Unfortunately the expenses for these treatments that reverse chronic illnesses are also scare. Don’t worry you are not alone but help is available.

Utilizing dedicated medical finance lenders offer a way for patients to pay back healthcare providers without worrying about paying large amounts of money out-of-pocket prior to their procedure. They also protect against interest rate hikes or penalties for paying off a loan more quickly, making this a popular medical financing option.

We encourage our patients to do their own research and choose a company they are more familiar with or have heavily researched to assist them with their unforeseen healthcare costs. Though this approach absolves us of the need to juggle several different loan services, yet we have gone ahead to make arrangements for our patients. We will like you to remember, each financing company will have its own terms for a secured loan and variables will include factors such as a patient’s credit score history and existing debt.

You may hit the button to learn more of the available options we have sourced for our patients.

  • Medipay
  • Zip
  • Humm

Obtaining medical financing will allow our patients to focus on their health and less on navigating the private medical financing world. This also frees us as your provider to focus on increasing our patient engagement where patients need our care the most.


Remember; at Zenith Integrative Medical Centre; it’s all in your best interest!!!