Zenith Medical Centre Our mission is to provide a quality integrated GP care with Functional/Natural & Antiaging medicine. We deliver health care services with human touch. We are located in Dandenong serving Melbourne and beyond.Zenith Integrative Medical Centre | Medical

Information about Booking

Consultations at the Zenith Integrative Medical Centre are by appointment. In as much as this is so, we also reserve slots for walk in patient as we are aware that sometimes, one can feel unwell in minutes. 

Our standard appointment is 15 minutes. If you need a longer appointment for complex medical issues or you have more than one problem to be addressed at this consultation, you can advise our friendly reception staff when you make your booking.

Every effort is made to provide an appointment with the GP of your choice; however, for urgent matters this may not be possible.

We try to keep as closely as possible to the appointed times, however if we are unable to do this, staff will inform you of any expected delays.

At every visit to Zenith Integrative Medical Centre, we will endeavour to remind you to update your details and in case we did not remind you, do remember to ring us to update your telephone numbers and postal address.

We ensure your details are correct so we can be able to communicate with you when the need arises.

Call us on 03 8580 2441  to speak with our friendly staff