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Ozone Overview

Ozone have been known since the antiquity. In 1839, Christian Friedrich Schönbein isolated ozone for the first time. Nicola Tesla patented the first portable ozone generator in the United States in 1896. During the First World War, doctors familiar with the antibacterial properties of ozone along with other medical resources available to them applied it topically to infected wounds and discovered ozone not only remedied infection, but also helped with blood flow and decreased inflammation.

During World War I, the disinfectant properties of ozone were used to treat gangrene and infections in gunshot wounds. Its usage to disinfect and treat disease has been utilized and heavily studied for more than a century. Its effects are proven, consistent, safe and with minimal and preventable side effects especially when used in a trained hands.

The findings on the use of Ozone as a therapeutic option were first published in 1898 when Drs. Thauerkauf and Luth treated in Germany the Institute of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy and publish the first studies in animals (1). Since then, more technically advanced equipment have been developed  and we are able now to produce clean ozone from medical grade oxygen. 

In other countries, such as Germany and Switzerland, oxygen/ozone therapy has been used successfully for around 50 years. 

Ozone (O3) exists as a dynamically unstable structure due to the presence of mesomeric (reactive) states. In the Troposhere, Ozone basic function is to protect humans from harmful effects of UV radiation. Although (O3) is reported to have dangerous effects on humans in the media and even among Orthodox doctors, this is because the ozone they criticized was that found in the Troposphere/air and not medical Ozone generated from high grade medical Oxygen. The air contains 21% of impure oxygen and 78% impure Nitrogen. Medical Ozone in comparison to Tropospheric Ozone is produced under precise controlled conditions, using specialized equipment that can safely convert medical oxygen to high grade medical ozone gas. 

Ozone have demonstrated its any therapeutic effects even in clinical trials (2] yet Ozone is not widely accepted in the Orthodox medical community.

How is Medical Ozone Generated 

Our medical Ozone is generated through specialized equipment. The equipment creates Ozone from a clean and dry medical grade Oxygen. The Oxygen is passed through a Corona cell chamber specially designed to generate very high concentration of Ozone. In the Corona chamber, there is a high voltage metallic grid. The high voltage splits apart the Oxygen molecules into Oxygen atoms. These atoms then attach to other Oxygen molecules in the chamber to form Ozone (O3). The advantage of Corona discharge chambers is that it produces a consistent output of pure Ozone in adjustable concentrations, it eliminates all moisture making the (O3) very soluble in water and blood.   

Clinical Use of Ozone 

Ozone can produce different effect according to the chosen concentration and the way of its administered. In medical practice the most important are the following ones.

1. Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal: When applied externally in a form of gaseous mixture or in ozonated solution it is recommended to use high ozone concentrations which produce direct oxidative effect on the microorganism membrane. Ozone can destroy practically all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.

2. Its anti-inflammatory effect is revealed in ozone capacity to oxidize the compounds containing double bonds, the arachidonic acid (20:4) and its derivatives - prostaglandins, in particular. These biologically active substances participate in the development and sustaining the inflammatory process. Besides, ozone regulates metabolic reactions in tissues at the place of inflammation and resolves pH.

3. Ozone analgesic effect is provided by oxidation of the products of albuminolysis, the so-called oligopeptides. They act on the nerve endings in the damaged tissue and determine the intensity of pain response (3).

4. Detoxification effect of ozone is revealed in correction and activation of metabolic processes in the hepatic and renal tissues, thus ensuring their main function of neutralization and evacuation of the toxic compounds from the organs.

5.Optimization of pro- and anti-oxidant systems is regarded as one of the main effects of systemic ozone therapy which is realized through its influence on cellular membranes and bringing to balance the levels of lipid peroxidation products and of antioxidant defense system. 

6. Ozone immune-modulating effect is based on its interaction with lipid structures of cellular membranes and depends on the chosen dose. Low ozone concentrations promote the accumulation of ozonides on the membranes of phagocytic (body soldiers) cells –monocytes and macrophages and lastly Ozone activates the Nrf2 phosphorylation which increase the adult stem cells from fat cells.

7. Ozone haemostatic (blood clotting properties) effect depends on the dose. High concentrations can be  administered for external use and cause evident hyper coagulation effect-to stop bleeding, while parenteral (into the body) administration of low concentrations is characterized by the decrease in thrombocytic and coagulative (clotting) levels of hemostasis and increase in fibrinolytic (blood thinning) activity.

How is Ozone Therapy Done?

Ozone therapy is effective in treating infections caused by bacteria, virus, fungi, yeast, and protozoa. Once the body is rid of the infected cells, new healthy cells are produced by the body. There are different ways of treatment using ozone therapy, depending on the condition to treat. Our Regenerative Medicine; Dr. Ayodele Ogunjobi will suggest the best option based on the condition or the disease to be treated. Medically, ozone therapy treatment can be given in three ways.

Directly to the tissue: Ozone therapy is administered directly to the tissue of the affected part of the body if the treatment is for an extremity problem and wounds. A protective covering is used to administer the ozone gas. Direct Ozone treatment can be helpful in Diabetic Ulcers, Gangrene or other Ulcers. Direct Ozone to tissues can also be used for cosmetic reasons to treat Cellulites, Rosacea, Skin rejuvanation and Alopecia.

Intravenously: This procedure is called Major or Minor Autohemotherapy. We use it to treat major internal disorders. About 200mls of the patient whole blood is drawn by a controlled negative pressure into a glass chamber, then Ozone gas is dissolved in the the blood drawn from the patient through an ozone resistant intravenous line via a cannula inserted into the vein. The Ozonised blood is transfused into the patient’s blood vessels via the same line under a controlled positive oxygen pressure. This method is used in Cardiac conditions, Autoimmune diseases, Neurological conditions and Infections (6).

Intramuscularly. Ozone can be given as intramuscular injection. For this injection, the ozone gas is often mixed with oxygen before administration. 

Rectal Insufflation (RI). Ozone gas can be passed into the gut through the rectum for treatment of systemic or gastrointestinal problems. Ozone gas, depending on the dose, can eliminates free radicals and is enormously effective against pathogenic microbes. It  promotes a healthy microbiota that thrives in an oxygen-rich environment. Rectal insufflation is good for Autoimmune diseases of the gastrointestinal system (7). 

Ozone is versatile in its application especially in the hand of those who knows its use. Dr Ogunjobi selects his patients after a thorough assessment of his patients needs. In many instances, Ozone treatment will not be administered  at first visit. Ozone therapy is not also considered as a first line of treatment in  most instances. We select our patient carefully after a thorough accepted by Dr Ogunjobi. 

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