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Repeat Scripts

Patients who require a repeat prescription may be able to place an order via the reception or make a script only appointment if they have been seen within the last three (3) months for a consultation.

If you have run out of medication and the medication is required on the day, you will be offered an on the day appointment with a clinic GP. We do require at least 72 hours' notice for script requests without an appointment. 


Scripts may not be written if under the following conditions:

  • The requested medication is not currently being taken

  • Over 3 months since the last consultation

  • Authority approval items are required, or

  • You are not a regular patient of Zenith Medical Centre


patients who have not seen a GP in the last three (3) months will require an appointment before any scripts will be written.

The charge for prescription repeats if ordered over the phone or without a consultation is $30.00 payable at the time of request.

In the event that your request for a script is denied by the Doctor, our reception staff will endeavor to contact you to inform and therefore you will need to schedule an appointment.