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Zenith Integrative Medical Centre is a GP practice and sometimes the need arises when you may have to consult a medical specialist in another location. This need may be prompted by your GP or it may even come from you seeking for a second opinion. We respect your right in the latter but our GPs will need to understand your concerns to ensure that the referral is appropriate and to the right medical specialist.

Specialist referrals cannot be requested over the phone. You must see your doctor prior to your specialist appointment to arrange a referral. The referral has valuable information about why you need to see the specialist and a lot of the information that they need to help you further.  

In every of our referrals, we want to ensure the relevant medical information is included for the medical specialist therefore, we need to satisfy ourselves that needed information are available to be included in your referral letter. You may have to undergo some tests before such referrals are issued. We are not just a referring doctor, we are General Practitioners and we pride ourselves in this noble cause.

Generally speaking, a referral letter usually last 12 months. For a repeat referrals, you will be required to book an appointment with your doctor. We do not fax referrals for patients neither are we responsible for booking for you to see a medical specialist.