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The Zenith Integrative Medical Centre Dandenong is a private billing clinic for all patients. As you are aware, our mission to deliver a high quality care is in your best interest. For this mission to be achieved, we can no longer afford to bulk bill all our attendance consultations. 

Bulk bill services is available only to CHILDREN (Under 16 years) if the consultation is a Standard consultation (i.e. less than 15 mins), any consultation that will extend beyond the standard consultation CANNOT be bulk billed even to children.

Cost of this service will be discussed at the initial visit to clinic.

Health Care Management plans, Health Assessments (for eligible patients) will also be bulk billed.

Further details about the co-payments will be given to you when you book an appointment on request.

All our fees are payable at the time of consultation in full by cash, cheque or EFT.

Your Medicare rebate will be processed for you instantly at the reception. 

NOTE: On the spot Medicare rebates can be issued into your Cheque or Savings account through our Tyro EFTPOS system which is linked to Medicare.

You will need an EFT card to benefit from this service. Unfortunately, we cannot transfer your rebate into your Credit Card account. Likewise, the Easy Claim system is not able to claim the service from your private health insurer. All payment are made in full on day of Consultation.

Other services which are not covered by Medicare include Mole Max Skin examinations, Drivers Medicals, Truck safe; Travel Medicals;  Taxi Disability form, Pilot Medical; Cremation Certificate, Cadets Medical and Pre-employment medicals.

The details of the cost associated with these services will be given to you when you book an appointment.

Wound dressing and other non Medicare rebated procedures will attract a non Medicare rebatable  fees of  between $30 and $50 depending on the dressing (consumables) used.

We thank you for your understanding.


Cost of this service will be discussed at the initial consultation.

You can call us on 03 8580 2441  to speak with our friendly staff for any of concerns.


Cost of this service will be discussed at the initial consultation.

 Remember; at Zenith Integrative Medical Centre; it's all in your best interest!!!