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Opening Hours during 2020 Festive Season & New Year Holiday

This is to advise that during this Festive Periods, the clinic will be closed between 25th-28th December and also from 1st-4th January 21.

We are using this opportunity to thank all our patients for entrusting the care of their health into our hands all through the difficult periods we faced in the year 2020. We trust and belief to serve you in a greater capacity and better in the coming years. We also like to extend our profound gratitude to our business partners for their loyalty and trust reposed in us throughout the year 2020. We hope to work with you better in coming years. 

Lastly and most importantly, we want to thank all our staff for their hard work through this unforgettable year 2020. Without you all we will have no achievement to  celebrate.

                                 We wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

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February 2017 NEWS

Laser Pain Clinic NOW in Zenith Medical Centre, Wangaratta 

Laser Therapy for pain and tissue regeneration consists of the use of monochromatic light emission from a Low Intensity Laser Diode (LILT) to treat musculoskeletal injuries, chronic or acute pain, degenerative conditions and to heal wounds. The light source is placed in contact with the skin or over the wound; allowing the photon energy to penetrate tissue, where it interacts with various intracellular biomolecules resulting in the restoration of normal cell morphology, function and the enhancement of the body’s healing processes.

Treatments are usually scheduled 2-3 times per week or more frequently in acute cases, at least initially. Call us today to find out out if it is for you.




MyHealth Record System  

You are now able to register for the Australian Government?s My Health Record with us at Zenith Medical Centre. This system is used to be called Personally Controlled Electronic Health (eHealth) Record system. MyHealth Record helps you take control of all your health information and also help your doctors to have controlled access to your records whichever health practitioner you chose to visit in Australia. It contributes greatly to how doctors provide you with the care you need. Please talk to your doctor or speak to a receptionist if you wish to be part of this Government initiative. Your health information will be secure as My Health Record system is protected by the existing and new legislations.


Please ask at reception for a form to complete and send to Medicare with your banking details (or go online). As from July 1st 2016 Medicare will not be issuing cheques. All accounts will need to be paid in full at the time of consultation.


March 2016 News

Zenith has got a Practice Nurse !!!