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Workplace Health 

Employees are the greatest asset of every organization. It is a known fact that healthy employees are nearly three times more productive than unhealthy employees. Unhealthy employees take up to nine times more sick leave than their healthy colleagues.

Poor employee's health and absenteeism is costing Australian business $7 billion annually according to Health Services Australia. To this end we are open to working with you as an individual or an organization to maintain a healthy workforce.

Our pre-employment medical examination usually includes the following components: Height, weight, body mass index (BMI); Cardiovascular examination, Full musculoskeletal examination including comprehensive range of movement; Central nervous system examination; Examination for hernias and other abdominal abnormalities; Urinalysis for diabetes or kidney and bladder disorders; Respiratory examination; Vision assessment including colour blindness.

Other specific pre-employment medical examination requirements may include:

  • Audiometry (hearing test, including WorkCover WA audio compliance)
  • Spirometry (lung function test)
  • Drug and alcohol screening (instant or laboratory)

Apart from pre-employment health, we also assist employers in Health surveillance screening and vaccination including Q fever for the employees. We can also conduct periodic and exit medical assessments, Flu vaccine and Skin Check for company'e employees. This may involve Commercial & Private vehicle driver medicals.

At Zenith Integrative Medical we work with your employer to keep you healthy.

We wish to advise that these services are not covered by Medicare, therefore you need to discuss with our management (during your booking) the cost implication of accessing this services.

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Remember, at Zenith Integrative Medical Centre, it is all in your best interest!!!