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Aged Care Residential Visits

At Zenith Integrative Medical Centre, we realised the beauty of general practice in that our scope of practice is not limited to any age categories. We endeavour to be there for you even when you become elderly.

It has been well documented that psychological wellbeing and health are closely linked at older ages. These psychological wellbeing can be distinguished in three broad ways: life satisfaction; feelings of happiness, sadness, etc. and sense of purpose or meaning in life. All these have a way of impacting on the health of the elderly person.

On the other hand, ill health also impacts on psychosocial wellbeing. Older people suffering from illnesses such as chronic ulcers, hearing loss, dementia, coronary heart disease, arthritis and chronic lung disease show raised levels of depressed mood and impaired wellbeing.

We also understand that apart from illness, older adults are also vulnerable to elder abuse - including physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, financial and material abuse; abandonment; neglect; and serious losses of dignity and respect. Current evidence suggests that 1 in 10 older people experience elder abuse. Elder abuse can lead not only to physical injuries, but also to serious, sometimes long-lasting psychological consequences, including depression and anxiety.

In our strive for excellence of care to the elderly, we focus on these areas in the care of the elderly using the available guidelines to provide care within the multidisciplinary approach of your Residential Aged Care Facilities.

We will be there encouraging and supporting you till you fulfil your time.  You can call us at 03 5721 6551(no online booking please) to book appointment for our doctors to visit you today. Booking is only available for the elderly patients in Residential Aged Care Facilities within our catchments area.

Remember, at Zenith Integrative Medical Centre, it is all in your best interest!!!