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Health Assessment

Health Assessment is a comprehensive overview of all aspects of your health and wellbeing. It is a designed plan of care that identifies the specific needs of a person and how those needs will be addressed by the healthcare system through us at the Zenith Integrative Medical Centre.

This service is different from the standard consultation because it is more in-depth and thorough. During the health assessment we evaluate your health status by taking a detailed health history and later undergo a physical examination-including a skin check- by the doctor.

The aspect of history taking is conducted by our experienced Nurse who will then conduct some basic clinic tests like your blood pressure, urine check and respiratory function check. The nurse will discuss the findings of the history taking with your doctor. After the briefing by, your doctor will bring you in for a general examination with a focus on the issues identified during your interaction with the Nurse. He may also explored in more details some of the history the Nurse have documented. Our health assessment takes an average of  90 minutes.

Based on the findings during the health assessment; your doctor may request for some tests and he may also give you prescriptions or other health advise.


Who can have a Health Assessment?

This Health Assessment is a Federal Government initiative especially for persons 75 years of age and over who live at home or in a facility.

Other categories of Australian that are eligible for Health Assessment include

  • Children who have received/are receiving 4 yr old immunization (once only);
  • 40-49-yrs-olds at high risk of diabetes (3 yearly),
  • 45-49-yrs-olds at risk of developing Chronic diseases (once only),
  • people ages 75 yrs or greater (annually);
  • Permanent Resident of Aged Care Facilities (annually);
  • People with Intellectual Disability (annually);
  • Refugees with Medicare access (once only) and
  • Former serving members of the Australian Defence Force (once only)

A Health Assessment can initiate extra services and assistance to keep you healthy and safe in your own home.

It is advisable that you check with us if you could benefit from this great opportunity to have an annual check-up.

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Remember, at Zenith Integrative Medical Centre, it is all in your best interest!!!