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Infectious Disease Management

The HIV-positive population in Australia is growing. Due the increasing availability of antiretroviral drugs many People Living with HIV (PLHIV) are surviving longer and getting older. Other blood borne diseases are also very common. These include Hepatitis A, B and C.

As a medical practice we are prepared to support our patient in managing the increasing demand of the side effects of their medications and their long-term toxicity.

We are also aware of the mental health demands of PLHIV which ranges from mild emotional problem to severe forms like depression and other forms of psychosis. Proper physical and mental assessment are required before commencing treatment of Hepatitis C.

We also need to emphasize that not all PLHIV will require medication but they will all need regular monitoring through regular medical check-ups and blood tests like the CD4 and Viral Load among others.

If you need any assistance in this regards please be free to visit Zenith Medical Centre, we shall do our best to ensure the continuity of your care and the necessary support required.

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