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WorkCover Issues

At Zenith Integrative Medical Centre, we understand that many people spend one-third (30%) of their adult life at work. Through this work we develop our social, psychological and physical health. We also build our families and our society. From the experience of many; work life may have either a positive or an adverse effect on the health of the individual worker.

In Australia, it is a constitutional requirement for every employer to obtain and keep in force a WorkCover insurance policy to protect the worker in the unlikely event if an accident at work.

Our role at the Zenith Integrative Medical Centre is in helping workers returns to work after illness or injury using a patient centred approach. We focus; as our slogan is, on our patient’s best medium and long term interests.

We make appropriate diagnosis, managed your information in your best interest and advise you regarding the available treatments options. We know that after an injury, the body requires some rest but available evidence have proven that returning to work at the right time is very critical. Work environment has a way of improving health. We walk with you to detect and address obstacles to your returning to work and help you design realistic expectations as you go back to work in your return to work (RTW) plans.

In serving you, we also owe the larger society a duty of ensuring that we abide by the workers compensation legislation that requires us to select appropriate and reasonable treatments for you.

Our principles of reasonably necessary treatment include:

  • Appropriateness and effectiveness of treatment we recommend.
  • Consideration and availability of alternatives.
  • Cost-effectiveness of our selected intervention.
  • Acceptability of the selected treatment by clinical peers.

As your medical case manager and your nominated physician, we promise to be by you from all aspects of injury treatment till you are fully recovered and back at work.

At Zenith Integrative Medical Centre, we understand our roles in WorkCover issues as GPs and we are set to do just that for you in your best interest.

Remember; at Zenith Integrative Medical Centre; it’s all in your best interest!!!