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Diabetic Management

Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate-type 1, or because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin-type 2, or both. People with high blood sugar will typically experience frequent urination, they will become increasingly thirsty and hungry. However in very large percentage of newly diagnosed patient, they have no symptoms at all.

It has been observed that the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is rising in Australia. This rise have direct correlation with age and is higher in men than in women. The onset of type 1 diabetes is typically at an early age, therefore it is the most common form of childhood diabetes although it can occur at any age. Australia is ranked the 7th highest in the world for prevalence of diabetes.

Adding to this, there is a growing number of children and adolescents who are now affected by type 2 diabetes also. Nerve damage in the lower limbs affects around 13% of Australians with diabetes, diabetic retinopathy occurs in over 15% of Australians with diabetes, and diabetes is now the leading cause of end-stage kidney disease. In people with diabetes, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the primary cause of death, with around 65% of all CVD deaths in Australia occurring in people with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Furthermore, 41% of people with diabetes also report poor psychological well-being with reports of anxiety, stress, depression and feeling ‘burned-out’ from coping with their diabetes. Moreover, diabetes is ranked in the top 10 leading causes of death in Australia.

Indigenous Australians are 3 times more likely to have type 2 diabetes compared to non-Indigenous Australians. This number of people with diabetes is even higher for those Indigenous Australians living in remote areas. Indigenous Australians are also at greater risk of complications than non-Indigenous Australians, with a 10-fold higher risk of kidney failure and up to 8-fold higher risk of high blood pressure.

At Zenith Integrative Medical Centre we are conveniently located to help you in the management of your diabetes using various array of new medications and skills to control diabetes. We also work with you to arrange a multidisciplinary teams of allied health care workers to help in the management of your diabetes.

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